How to Solve the LED Flashing Fault?

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LED lights have come forward in the market in recent times, wherein investment in the LED flashing lights has gotten rid of the customer of the hassle of replacement of units and relamping. Not only has the customer become hassle-free, but saving a lot of money on the electricity bills. We have the nights and evenings in our head with a flickering memory – wherein the fluorescent lights flickered most often and were replaced by our parents. With the replacement of the fluorescent lights with LED lights, the number of flickering nights and evenings has been reduced effectively. However, flashing fault may also occur in the LED lights, though not most often.


Generally, these LED flashing faults can be corrected with a simple troubleshooting process. Further, read on to determine the root cause of the flashing fault, and then follow the troubleshooting process to solve the LED flashing fault:


Causes of the LED Flashing Fault:


There are generally two root causes of the LED flashing fault:


a. Poor Line Contact

When there is a loose wire in the LED light, then blinking of the light is caused.


b. Poor Connection

When the LED light is provided with insufficient power supply, the LED flashing fault occurs.


When you have determined the cause of the LED flashing fault, then you must go through following the troubleshooting process to rectify the problem:


Troubleshooting of LED Flashing Fault


Note: All of this process should be carried by a technician or a professional electrical repairing service provider – not by any handyman.


1. First of all, you must check the circuit of the LED light. Whether LED light is turned on or off, its circuit can be checked with the help of an electric pen which shows whether there is current in the circuit or not.

2. If the circuit conducts electricity finely, you should check whether the LED driver works fine or not.

3. After switching on the LED blub, if it does not get powered on, you should replace the driver with a new driver and check if the problem persists.

4. If the LED blub flashes during the switching off process, it becomes necessary to wipe out the persisting problem of the Circuit. The switch contacts the live wire, and the electrical appliance is provided power by the neutral wire. This solves the problem of the LED flashing light. Any professional will not commit this mistake, at all.

5. Now, your LED blub problem should have been solved till now.


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