LED Light Failure Solution

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1) Lamp beads are damaged

After the LED lamp is turned on, some of the lamp beads do not light up. Basically, it can be judged that the lamp beads are damaged. The damaged lamp bead can usually be seen with the naked eye-there is a black spot on the surface of the lamp bead to prove that it has been burned. Sometimes the lamp beads are connected in series and then in parallel, so if a certain lamp bead is worn out, it will cause a piece of lamp beads to be off.

LED lights

a. Found broken lamp beads, connected across it with a metal wire, short-circuit it. The effect of this is that most of the lamp beads can be lit normally, and only the broken individual lamp beads are not lit, which has little effect on the overall brightness.

b. You can go online to buy the same type of lamp beads and replace them yourself—heat the old lamp beads with an electric soldering iron (a hair dryer can be blown for a while), until the gel on the back of the old lamp beads melts, and use the tweezers to replace the old lamp Remove the beads (don't use your hands, it's too hot). At the same time, install the new lamp beads while hot (note the positive and negative poles)!

c. If the lamp beads are heavily damaged, it is recommended to replace the entire lamp bead board. Pay attention to three points when buying lamp beads: 1. Measure the size of your own lamps; 2. Look at the appearance of the lamp beads and the starter connector (explained later); 3. Remember the output power range of the starter

2) Start damage

Most fault LED lights, are shown on the initiator - flickering lamp failure if the entire lamp is completely off, lights or lamps, the likelihood is started is broken.

Starter can not be repaired, only new ones, but fortunately the new launcher is not expensive. Pay attention to below items when purchase the new starters:

a. Pay attention to the joint appearance

b. Make sure the lamp quality is good if their color can be changed several colors. The number of new starters color must be the same as the old starter.



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